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In the horror movie Dead season (2012), viewers will see how the main characters are trying to escape from the zombies that flooded the planet Earth. After all, there is no place for people on Earth now, some who survived are forced to wander in search of refuge. Well, those who could not hide in time, waiting for a painful and terrible death. In the hope, that still remained seats, where there is no Sayid, Elvis and Tweeter, have left America. Once on a wonderful island and met on it a group of people, the characters of the film Dead season at first even happy, believing that now they are saved. But soon, Elvis and Twitter realized that their troubles were not over. After all, to stay alive will have to make a lot of effort. And what is better, to die at the hands of the walking dead or live on this island Paradise. nnThe new idea of the film Dead season, which was released in may 2012, of course can not be called. On the theme of zombies and bleak future for planet Earth, took off their fantasies, many outstanding and little-known Directors. Action Battle of the damned, a Thriller with elements of horror War of the worlds Z, as well as the world's popular series the Walking dead - these are just a few creations, the plot is a world captured by crowds of bloodthirsty monsters that recently were ordinary people. But a terrible plot, lots of really impressive scenes, ominous music, which further adds to the horror and makes the blood freeze in his veins, all this makes the horror movie Dead season (2012) even more attractive for fans of films of this genre.

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