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Original Title: Better Call Saul
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: AMC
Creators: Vince Gilligan,Peter Gould
Language: English
Description: Once the hero of the series Better call Saul season 3 had a roadside eatery, content with meager wages. Even the tip is not always possible to get unlucky Goodman. However he all -??? nurtured hope, that someday luck will smile him, and he will become, finally, respected man, starts earn lots money and succeed in life significant results. Indeed, expectations were met. Now Saul has become a professional, quite successful lawyer, whose reputation is expensive. However, on the chosen path he will meet with considerable difficulties. Goodman takes on the most incredible things. Once he even had to defend a gang of juvenile delinquents. Teenagers ventured to get into the morgue and cut off the head of one of the dead there. Only thing is Saul to win and failed. There was too much public outrage. Soon, the lawyer takes on an even more complex process. Now he has to protect the interests of Walter white, who is one of the biggest criminals. He's got a lot of dark things. However, Goodman does not stop his client's past. No wonder he had a reputation among colleagues rather sneaky, cunning lawyer, ready to do anything to get a solid payment for the work done.

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