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  • Genres:
  • Drama
This story is a triumph of survival, will to live and craving for beauty, a hymn of female power. In the center of events, the main character named Liz is a mute midwife from a small provincial settlement located in the American Outback. Her quiet life is marred by a murder charge she didn't commit. The Prosecutor is a pastor, who everyone calls the Reverend. It – evil, injustice and cruelty of this world, which Liz is forced to confront to save his life and the life of his daughter. Diabolic preacher as the embodiment of a relentless and ruthless human injustice follows the poor girl. Stalker - there is hell on Earth, Liz must overcome. And a fragile defenseless woman shows her true self when faced with terrible trials. It is not so weak and, if necessary, can stand up for yourself, showing strength of character, a crystal clear mind and cunning with only one goal – to survive and save the most precious thing she has. Desperate struggle becomes a deadly game with ornate intricacies of moves, each of which brings this confrontation to its terrible logical conclusion.

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