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Original Title: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: NBC,FOX
Creators: Daniel J. Goor,Michael Schur
Language: English
Description: The action takes place in one of the police stations in new York. Police officers are engaged in daily routine: chase criminals, write reports, make friends among themselves, conflict and establish friendly relations. One of the heroines rose Diaz has a complex character and sharp tongue, but her mind is like a cunning Bloodhound. She can quickly understand the situation and make an operational decision, for which she blamed insubordination, rudeness and flighty nature. Amy Santiago is not a gift either, she's trying to make herself look cooler than she really is. Charlie Goel constantly gets into awkward situations, although he is also talented in his own way. Another character is Jake Peralta. He works well, but often suffers from his own carelessness and infantilism. He has a romantic relationship with Amy Santiago. The former administration put up with the oddities of the employees of the site, but with the arrival of a new leader, the situation changes. The new captain is trying to put things in order here. TV series Brooklyn 9-9 season 3 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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