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The family of the main characters is forced to put their lives at risk every day, coming out of the cave to the clearing, because a huge number of prehistoric monsters are just waiting for easy prey to appear on the horizon.


the Main earner of the Croods Grug named a very strong and accurate. He faithfully serves as a stone-thrower and provides a comfortable existence for his wife and children. The immutable law of this unit of primitive society is to avoid everything new. The conservative husband constantly monitors the observance of it, but once between loving spouses there is a contradiction that can radically change the way of their life.


Ugg boots Gran's Mother comes to stay and then settles in a cave. Grug is categorically against this situation and assures her companion to send her mother to the island of the Elderly. According to the sacred customs of the inhabitants of the ancient people, it is there that the elderly members of the community should live out the last days until they fall for lunch to a huge ferocious Pterodactyl. But the authority of the head of the family was first undermined by the categorical refusal of the homemaker to follow the advice of a wise husband. So in the first friendly team there are daily quarrels because of different views on the life of the mother-in-law and son-in-law.


Croods Family. Start to watch online as soon severe Grand will advise the breadwinner to compromise their principles and abandon the safe position. Now he has to earn even more, so instead of the elite rank hero descends to the lowest steps of the ancient career ladder. Now he is again a lure for wild animals.


does not get bored households and daughter of SP. She has a strong-willed character and a desire to help her relatives in everything. So in desperate attempts to enlist in the hunting circle. Parents are concerned about the extraordinary aspirations of the heiress, but unable to stop the resolute nature. And once he met an attractive young man named Mal, SP falls in love with a new friend. So Croods replenished by another member of the family.

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