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So, When we have already run away and all prepared, sat at home and waiting - there is already celebrating, and waiting for the main event, to see clearly on which the square times Square is going to more than a million residents and guests of new York, and every ten more people watching him at the TV screens and monitors. At the last minute, when the last seconds of the outgoing year are counted, on the roof of the skyscraper (the one where the newspaper office used to be based nnBut one of this magical action would not be enough for the whole film, which may well become a new symbol of the New year, and directed by Roger Donaldson created a fairy tale, intertwining the fate of different people who live in a city that never sleeps - new York. If you remember or just look through the filmography of the Director, be sure And if you liked the movie about the holiday of lovers - and the Old New year online in good quality is also definitely for you! nnWhat could be better than the new year holiday, and when in new York-it is the highest shocking but not all people believe in miracles. On the eve of the New year will change and cross the fate of very different people by nature: a person has lived a great life, and now lies on his deathbed, the famous celebrity of times Square who does not like to celebrate the New year and even a very curious Secretary, who decided to implement the promise that gave itself.

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