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Original Title: Dimension 404
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Will Campos,Desmond Dolly
Language: English
Description: And again, the screens go back anthology. This project is a science fiction anthology, which is launched by the streaming service Hulu. It is assumed that in this series will create a bizarre, strange and scary atmosphere, but not without elements of humor and fun. It is already known that the first season will release six episodes, each lasting one hour. Background:< i> why "Measurement 404 "? Who is not familiar with the inscription "Error 404 ", which is often accompanied by the words Not Found, that is not found. And who had not experienced from this label terrible disappointments... This error, however, although it is most prevalent and therefore most recognizable, and therefore more perceived emotional, don't carry anything fatal. It does not indicate the absence of the server itself, but only that the requested page of the server itself is not found, and only indicates that You got some broken link. At the same time, it is possible that after a while everything will be fixed, and the user will again be able to get to the desired information. However, no one guarantees that this time the content will be exactly as it was originally, and will not undergo some changes. However, the frequent appearance of these, which have already become almost mystical, signs of special optimism and pleasantness to users, of course does not bear. On the contrary, it is a slight disappointment or even a feeling of annoyance or irritation. The series "Dimension 404 " will present a collection of several different stories that will tell the viewer about a very unusual and completely fantastic cases and things, strange and mysterious that happen to users of the world wide web. A separate episode will be devoted to a separate story about any unforeseen circumstances and even some abuses that become possible due to progress in the field of technological advances or outright fantasies. In the first season it is expected the story of how entered into advanced application, providing the experience, or the student who is nostalgic for the era of the 90's trying to find the net and prove to everyone that there is a kind of show belonging to the era, which why-that nobody but himself has no memory. There is a story about a certain snob specializing in theater criticism, who is absolutely convinced that 3D-technology can cause Cthulhu – a kind of fantastic deity, which was first written by Howard Lovecraft in his 1928 story "the Call of Cthulhu ". In General, the authors of the series "Dimension 404 " online urge not to forget that in the vastness of the network can happen all and even more – perhaps found someone accidentally animated film tells about the secrets of the movements in the time portals, and if a certain Energetik cause Apocalypse, it is quite possible to find instructions on how to stop it. But there may be more difficult options when the chief analyst of the national Security Agency will be a cube of meat, whose name is Bob, and he knows everything... But then the Internet will tell you how to be with it. Series Dimension 404 season 1 all episodes free download from our website at any time of the day!

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