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Original Title: Doctor Who
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Sydney Newman,C. E. Webber,Donald Wilson
Language: English
Description: Serial adventure film, will tell the viewer about the incredible and sometimes ridiculous adventures of an alien creature that skillfully took the shape of a man, and now, without attracting much attention of people and police roams our land. And all this seems to be aimless, because he came here not with any mission to enslave our universe, but completely randomly. At the same time, he calls himself some kind of doctor who can and wants to save the planet from insane enemies from his planet, who also, unlike the main character, have a goal regarding the earth that is far from noble. Soon, the doctor to the upcoming large-scale pursuit of alien and human enemies on the ship, which resembles some sort of police car is quite an early age, so she looks pretty funny ...

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