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Original Title: Emperor Wang Gun
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: KBS1
Description: In the military-historical drama Emperor (2012) is a story about the events that took place in the distant and turbulent 1945, during the Second World War. Even though the Soviet Union got a huge advantage in a heavy battle, the Japanese are forced to continue the war against the United States. Already in August of the same year, the Emperor had no choice but to declare surrender, and closer to autumn, Japan was almost completely occupied. Let monarch in this Asian country has become American, yet local people are not going to listen to strangers, but trusted only to their present leader. In movie Emperor (2012) Japanese ruler it turns out under pressure and is declared criminal, only no one not known the true agenda chief. Within ten days of General MacArthur, whose role was played by Tommy Lee Jones, should form a summary of the reign of Emperor Hirohito during the war. That was the order of the President of the United States. Bonner fellers, whose role was played by Matthew Fox-a General who knew the Japanese culture of warfare, was instructed by MacArthur to find out whether Hirohito can be considered a criminal, and whether he should be punished for committed or imperfect illegal cases.

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