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Have Gerici Benton boring and unremarkable life. She and her sister Kimber live in a house with her aunt and her two adopted daughters. Girls get along well and spend a lot of time together. Their four is simply inseparable, and they dream that one day their life will turn into a series of unforgettable adventures. But none of the girls could not imagine how soon there will be a big change. It all started with the fact that Jerica sang a song in front of the camera, and my sister without permission put the video on the Internet. Soon the girl with an extraordinarily beautiful voice and a pleasant appearance recognized all over the world. One of the biggest music studios in the world offered four girls a contract. The sisters completely changed their image and began to perform on the big stage. The leader and the main star of the group was just Jerica, who took a sonorous pseudonym Jam. In Jam there is everything I could dream of: fame, millions of contracts, crowds of fans and the most enviable groom of Hollywood. That's just over time, the heroine has to succumb to the persuasion of producers and start a solo career, thereby abandoning his sisters. Gradually, Jerica turns into a completely different person, and now she can not understand who she really is: a cute girl who loves her family, or a pop star, ready to go on betrayal in order to achieve ambitious goals?

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