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Original Title: Last Man Standing
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC,FOX
Creators: Jack Burditt
Language: English
Description: The fact that the world today belongs to men not odnawialna can be seen from the example of the hero of this series, Mike Baxter. This is a real man – he always says his word, works like an ox, and at work has authority, and when he goes on business trips, does not miss the opportunity to find an adventure at all points of his manly body. Yeah, and he drives a truck!nnBut one day his beloved wife: a great mother and a beautiful housewife, rebelled. She wanted to get back to her career. She did it and did it more than successfully: she quickly received a promotion after her return to the firm, bringing great displeasure to her male colleagues. However, this career success has created problems in the Baxter family.nnMike now has to largely become a householder-that is, to give primacy in the family and, according to male logic, to lose to a woman. Of course, he often defends his opinion in a dispute with his wife: for example, who of them will go today on a mini-van, and who – on a pickup truck. That's just to fight for the sacred and for centuries created the male position he will have with three other women – their own daughters. And each of them is not a Christmas present.

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