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Original Title: Marvel's Runaways
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Josh Schwartz,Stephanie Savage
Language: English
Description: The tragic death of the younger sister of Nico Minoru becomes the cause of a quarrel in the friendly company of children of wealthy parents, who head the influential organization "pride", sponsoring education, art and medicine. Carolina, Molly, Gertrude, Alex, Nico and chase for several years stop communicating, each doing their own thing. In the end, suffering more than others from the breakup Alex decides to reunite friends. br>Random teenagers learn that their mom and dad – not an easy business and politics, and the real super-villains that control through the charity the entire planet. Adults possess the secrets of dark magic, it effortlessly moves through space and time, robbing banks, telepathically subdue his will ancient dinosaurs, and even arrived on Earth from a distant galaxy. And all of these abilities are used only for evil, for the sake of the enslavement of the weak fellows. Stunned by the discovery, high school students find no other way out, as together to escape from home and come up with a way to pacify the power of their ambitious families. All the more, that have gifted guys are beginning waking up their own superpowers, inherited from relatives, which can be use in the fight for bright future world.

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Release date: 21/12/2018
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