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Original Title: Marvel's The Defenders
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Douglas Petrie,Marco Ramirez
Language: English
Description: Just recall, a team of defenders in the style of a comic book, this concept is international, so against every American Daredevil or Luke cage Russian can now put their own Steppe Wind or a fierce Human-Bear. However, the power and popularity of Netflix, representing the marvel universe on television, leaves no doubt that the main Guardians of the world still work overseas. they successfully defended new York alone, but the opponents are becoming more dangerous, treacherous and powerful. In order to confront the criminal organization Hand that launched its tentacles in all spheres of life of the city, superheroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and Iron Fist must join forces and become a single team. Super defenders - under this loud name they will come to a duel against the evil and will do everything possible and impossible not to allow a gloom to absorb the favourite>Netflix, with his characteristic thoroughness and balance, a new ambitious superhero megaseries started cooking two years ago, running in the production of serial Thriller Daredevil. Then his fighting class and detective talents demonstrated Jessica Jones, in the fall of 2016 played his impenetrable muscles Luke cage, and the spring of 2017 showed the world an Iron Fist-all the characters at the time of the release of the United TV show are already known, loved and revered by fans, which will certainly ensure the success of the new exciting project marvel (and there is still a “Punisher”, who fell in love with the audience and even slightly eclipsed Daredevil, Netflix prepares for the hero John Bernthal solo action Thriller, although we will not exclude the phenomenon of the hero in this cool hit). As they say, feel the difference with the project by Sarik Andreasyan, whose Midfielders or rather, nedosushennye completely unknown to the viewer therefore it is not surprising the resulting embarrassment.

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