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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Comedy
In the Japanese anime "Nana" are two of the main female character with the same name – Nana. The first heroine is Nana Komatsu: a naive girl who falls in love at first sight. For her level of affection and habit get in the way, she got her second name is Hachiko (Japanese is the most popular dog name). The second character is Nana Osaki: she is focused, hard to communicate, but inside is extremely vulnerable.nnTwo Nana's meet on the train to the capital. Komatsu has a boyfriend in Tokyo, Shoji, and she's going on a date with him. Osaka also tends to popularity. The girl sings in the group Blast and wants to glorify her all over the world. She has a difficult relationship with a young man – also a musician, playing in a fairly well-known punk band Trapnest. Osaka is sure she will succeed and prove to everyone, including her boyfriend, Reno that is worthy of world fame.nnTwo Nans decide to stay in Tokyo for a long time. Although they have completely different characters, they get along well. After all, opposites are known to attract. And because girls based one apartment on two. Now they are helping each other, will go to their goals. But, who of them the first will reach the desired?

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