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Original Title: Narcos
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Chris Brancato,Carlos Bernard,Doug Miro
Language: English
Description: Life of Pablo Escobar, the main character of the series, from early childhood was hard. His family, who lived in poor Colombia, had no food for every day. To provide themselves and their loved ones with food, little Pablo had to commit minor crimes, deceive people. As time went on, the boy grew up and turned into a real man, but over the years he was so used to the criminal world that his crimes became more daring. Let his actions were illegal, but brought him profit, which in principle suited him. over time, Escobar decided to devote his life to the drug trade. He turned the largest deliveries to different countries, which brought him fabulous profits. The office for combating drug trafficking was frankly not prepared for such an influx of crime, which has acquired unimaginable proportions. If earlier the struggle was to catch harmless drug addicts who had very few drugs in their pockets, now they have to catch and hold accountable a whole, well-organized group. Escoban's Empire is growing every day and thriving, but the fighters against drug trafficking intend to put an end to it.

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