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Original Title: NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: CBS
Creators: Shane Brennan
Language: English
Description: Rumor has it that such a Department of special operations, eradicating crime in The U.S. Navy, really exists, it's just very, very secret. OK, let's get to know his on-screen collaborators. First, this is Gee Cullen-a special agent, often working "undercover". To temporarily become his in the criminal world, he can transform into anyone from a terrorist to a drug dealer.nnSam Hannah is not just g's partner, but his real friend. As a Navy seal, he had a chance to visit all the countries where the United States in recent years carried its democracy – from Afghanistan to Iraq. In the unit, he is responsible for external monitoring and communication with agents plowing directly "in the field". The men's team is diluted by the beautiful Kensi blye, whose father was a marine. Adrenaline, which is produced during undercover work, it seems, has become an integral component of the chemistry of the body.nnAnd then there's the shrink Nate Goetz, who makes up the psychological profiles of the suspects and monitors the mental balance of the operatives. Of course, not without a computer genius in the face of the glorious Eric. All together-this is the NCIS Department, which for ordinary police investigations are taken, and with espionage fighting.

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