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The film-disaster a New Apocalypse. Lightning of fate (2012) tells about the inexplicable appearance of a black cloud that killed people with its lightning and destroyed the whole world. The theme of cataclysms, destroying all life in its path, is not new in cinema. Sometimes so revenge for the cruelty of nature, as happens in a Thriller a Few hours, and sometimes in the troubles of earthlings to blame evil aliens, as in a fantastic Thriller Supershtorm in Seattle. And in the movie the New Apocalypse. Lightning fate all goes on: people solve their problems, sort things out, do business, nothing bodes ill. But suddenly something strange begins to happen: turn off the electrical appliances, stop the clock, the car stops going. But the truly scary people get when they see something like a black cloud that hung ominously over the city. Very soon, the mysterious black cloud showed everything it could: it began to throw deadly lightning at defenseless people. From these strikes people lost their lives on the spot, and those who still managed to survive, were forever distorted ugly scars. Between people begins to sow panic, they begin to seek refuge and hide, because everyone who stays on the street, waiting for a fatal blow. Cars and houses are completely destroyed by blows, people hide in stone houses and caves. The attacks are so strong that people easily imprinted in the asphalt. The characters are fantastic New Thriller the Apocalypse. Lightning fate (2012) trying to survive, but every day it becomes more difficult to do, because food and water, too, have been exposed to clouds and become poisoned. The disaster is spreading faster and in other cities, so the chances of life every day less. The government and the military have no explanation. Therefore, people can only hope for themselves.

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