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  • Genres:
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Battleship (2012) is a fantastic Thriller, created by us filmmakers. Mankind for many years and even centuries, interested in the presence in the vast cosmos like us intelligent life. But what happens if the signals sent into space are suddenly heard not by those who would like to? nn2009. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut, recently made a flight to the moon, makes a sensational statement-extraterrestrial life exists! And now humanity is waiting for the inevitable meeting with representatives of the alien civilization, which are not set to the world and at the same time still far ahead of the earthlings in terms of technology. nnOn the ground because of the failure of the flagship lands spacecraft Regents who do not just want to fix your ship, but also trying to build a powerful source of energy. A great war is coming, in which the fate of the entire planet will be decided. Will humanity be able to defend the Earth and save it from invaders? Will the international fleet of earthlings cope with this task?

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