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Original Title: Supernatural
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: The WB,The CW
Creators: Eric Kripke
Language: English
Description: The TV series, which has been coming out for a dozen years, can't be bad - welcome to Supernatural territory.Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mothers in early childhood – DIN was four, and Sam still fooled with it in the cradle, when Mary Winchester killed something paranormal. Since then, Winchester senior avenges his wife, devoted his life to the search and destruction of all evil spirits, which is found in the vast expanses of America. He taught his sons, who, having matured and turned into young men, became the most skilled, strong and cool hunters on Paranormal – demons, evil ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other aggressive inhabitants of the twilight world. br>During one of the countless adventures, the aged John Winchester was no match for one of the monsters and missing. Dead or lying wounded and insensible in some wretched cave – the brothers do not know, but with renewed energy, filled with wrath and furious, the hunters fierce evil continue to bear the cross, moving from place to place and cleansing from the filth of the towns and villages.with this key episode begins the television series, and then the events become even more dramatic and disturbing, which was the key to the love of fans and consistently high ratings for the past twelfth season. To be continued…
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