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Original Title: Teachers
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TV Land
Language: English
Description: How in the difficult modern world to be an ordinary school teacher? This is the question posed by the creators of the Comedy series about school life, in which a lot of advice for both teachers and ordinary people. These and others Comedy series< a > see on our website! Each has a different approach to the beginning of the school stage. After training, some people remember these times with joy and as an important life lesson, while others believe this place hard labor. In the center of the plot there are 6 main characters, these are teachers of an American school, who are trying to show everyone that thanks to hard work you can overcome all obstacles. it is Worth noting that each of these women has their own life situations. So, Caroline is considered a romantic nature and even now continues to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, even after the divorce. Catherine in addition to the fact that he likes to eat well, together with his students studying life, but unfortunately, another yummy distracts from everyday activities. Mary Louise while in the depths of the soul and dreams about love, but hides it deeply, she finds herself deep optimist and shy that does not always help. Deborah behaves like a naughty teenager despite the fact that she is not young. Through life this woman has carried a grudge against the classmates who bullied her constantly mocked. Cecilia tries to instill in students a healthy lifestyle, because she is a vegetarian and is often interested in politics. Truly the main character, can be considered the leader of this company named Chelsea. This woman, all feared and respected because she is not afraid to speak out.

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