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Original Title: The 100
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: The CW
Creators: Jason Rothenberg,Cathy Garpershak
Language: English

What should I do with teenagers who have broken the law? Of course, to put in prison or force to pay a large fine. However, in the post-apocalyptic world is not so simple. About a hundred years ago there was a large-scale nuclear explosion that almost destroyed the Earth. But after a time, the space station, where the survivors lived, was overpopulated. Therefore, the only decision of the majority was to send juvenile offenders to Earth. "Hundred" season 4 all episodes watch online on our website immediately after their release on American television.

the TV Series "the Hundred": what the audience can expect in season 4

Characters will have to wait for new tests. As you know, the planet was not so empty: it is inhabited by angry locals who do not like the appearance of juvenile delinquents. Conflicts between the locals and the newcomers have become constant and are becoming more violent with each season, especially since the indigenous people of the Earth are clearly hiding something. Find the answers to be the main characters. Season 4 of the series "Hundred" is preparing the audience more surprises: once again, the characters face the problem of propaganda and the existence of secret sects. Watch "Hundred" season 4 all series is also interesting to those viewers who are interested in the development of relations between Bellamy and Clark. an Important feature of the series is its brutality, though it doesn't fit in its age category. Of course, the main characters are teenagers, but they find themselves in a world inhabited by evil and desperate people. That is why the series can die absolutely any character. Viewers look forward to each series and worry about their favorite characters. If you want to join the fans of this series, you can always watch "one Hundred" season 4 online for free on our website.

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