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"In the best world season 1" - a dashing, Comedy series about a girl who died, mistakenly found herself in Paradise. Eleanor is an attractive, charismatic blonde. The person appeared in a mysterious office. The gray-haired, intelligent old man, elegantly wearing a butterfly, said that the girl died. What is happening is wildly liked poulybalsya person. Vis-a-vis added that the beauty was hit by a truck with the image of advertising pills intended for potency. The gentleman said that the lucky Eleanor after his death is registered in a better world. On the territory there the sinless happiness forever.all residents are exceptionally good-natured, courteous, smiling and righteous. Attempts to swear automatically suppressed: from the lips of a foul-mouthed uncontrollable, break correct euphemisms. Residents are not bobnat: drink a lot and allowed without consequences. Eleanor instantly picked up a soul mate-attracted her African American. "Novosilka" was granted citizenship in heaven, because in life the blonde had saved the innocent from death. However, it was a mistake. The lady was confused with the namesake-righteous. Eleanor, in fact, sinned on Earth. An unauthorized resident of a better world is forced to hide the devil's nature. Otherwise she faces a link in a hellish universe.

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