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Original Title: The Handmaid's Tale
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Bruce Miller
Language: English
Description: The habitual way of life of the multimillion population of Gilead collapses overnight. Dictatorial government decrees transfer full power to the officers. The people do not feel the trick in the coup, meekly fulfills the will of the rulers. One day, business life completely subsides due to the widespread dissolution of enterprises. Ofred begins "the maid's Story season 1" with his own escape. An attempt to hide with his family from the machinations of the military fails. The child is stolen, the husband disappears, and the unconscious poor thing is in a special institution. Together with a group of other prisoners chosen the Council will have to bear the officer's heirs.the Recluse is subjected to violence, forced to meekly withstand the blows of fate for the sake of survival. Rebels immediately sent to clean up toxic waste for a slow dying. A terrible outcome is that which was spoken by the entire population, except the highest ranks of the troops. Quiet rebellious nature refuses to tolerate captivity, but prefers to act wisely, with a delicate calculation. The hostage of a special camp for pregnant women hopes not only to escape from the demonic asylum, but also to destroy the existing power system. Courage alone is commendable, but the implementation of an insidious plan is almost impossible.

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