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Original Title: The Sopranos
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: HBO
Creators: David Chase
Language: English
Description: Tony Soprano is the boss of a mafia clan in new Jersey. Outwardly, he does not stand out among millions of Americans. The usual balding man, experiencing a midlife crisis. Except Tony's work is very stressful. To such an extent that the Soprano is forced to seek the help of a psychoanalyst because of the frequent cases of panic attacks.

rnTony has a lot of family problems. A jealous wife-housewife suspects her husband of regular betrayals, an old mother needs constant care, her uncle gets into trouble, and disobedient teenage children are a source of eternal trouble. In addition, Mr. Soprano needs to think about another "family", because he is the leader of the Italian group in need of sensitive and confident leadership.

rnTony almost every day have to solve a lot of questions. His legitimate business associated with the removal of garbage, want to take the brazen emigrants. Nephew Christopher, not coordinating their actions, kills one of competitors. Aging uncle Junior, who decided to go on a well-deserved vacation, is going to eliminate his long-time rival pussy in a restaurant run by a close friend of the family. And the Soprano is forced to keep his trips to the doctor in the strictest secrecy, because in the criminal world it is not customary to share such problems.

rnnevertheless, Tony is not going to give up, on a personal example, making sure that the management of the mafia in the XXI century still requires resourcefulness and dedication. Squeezing all his will into a fist, Soprano with unprecedented persistence moves on, finding the right solutions even in difficult situations.

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