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Original Title: The Tomorrow People
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: The CW
Creators: Roger Price,Greg Berlanti,Phil Klemmer,Julie Plec
Language: English
Description: Steve, as suggested by others, and as he said himself, prone to sleepwalking. Yes, it is not the first time to go to bed in one place and Wake up in another. It gets better. In his head begins to broadcast a girl's voice says that guy is not crazy, but simply belongs to a select caste, developed a new project. The teen agrees to meet others like him-3T people. nnDumbfounded by the discovery of his abilities, Steve Jameson at first hardly gets used to the idea that he belongs to the chosen ones that will determine the new future of mankind. Each of the collected teenagers has a tendency to at least one ability from the "big three T": - Telekinesis, Teleport or Telepathy. And it is important to show them as clearly as possible at the youthful stage of development.nnThe scientific organization, which gathered teenagers with unusual abilities, did so against their will. The world has declared antagonist of this group, consider 3T teenage evil creatures. Those who need or destroy, or (better) to turn into loyal dogs of war, ready to respond to any command master. And therefore, Steve and his comrades have already been hunted.

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