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History in the movie Tusk begins with an unusual announcement: someone rents a room and does not require payment. Only one condition-the tenant will walk in the afternoon in a rented room, dressed in a walrus costume. This so surprising condition is explained by the fact that the owner of the room had a melodramatic life episode related to the walrus. And in this unusual way he wants to partially restore beautiful memories. nnA young man, whose name is Wallace, works as a journalist and showed interest in this announcement. And soon he mysteriously disappears without a trace. His colleague and friend begins to search for him. It helps in this case, the girlfriend of the main character. Their search led to a retired police officer who had been searching for missing people for years. nnHe told them there was a pattern to missing people. People disappear and then find their mutilated bones. The police officer comes to the conclusion that all this makes a serial killer. He believes that Wallace as appeared in his hands. Our heroes are on the trail of a maniac, not even knowing that the truth they learn will be so terrible that it is hard to believe.

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