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Original Title: True Detective
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: HBO
Creators: Nic Pizzolatto
Language: English
Description: Film begins with the fact that viewers are introduced to detective Vlora and his son named Chet. The father takes the boy to school and leaves him a portable voice recorder so that his son can share his thoughts and school news. Chet does not want to study because of conflicts with classmates. The father must hurry because he has a meeting with a lawyer today (his wife filed for divorce), the husband asks Madame lawyer to help him sue his son from his wife. The lawyer begins to ask questions and it becomes clear that the relationship between the spouses has never been cloudless. They couldn't have a baby, so they fought a lot. Once, many years ago, the wife of a police officer was brutally beaten and raped, 9 months later Chet was born. The man with all his heart attached to the child, for him the boy is his own son, period. No tests on paternity of spouses did not want to do categorically. The dream came true, live and grow baby, but now the relationship between them began to crumble at a catastrophic rate. The woman at the sight of the baby recalled the experience. Vlora immediately blamed myself for still not found the guy. He served in the Sheriff's Department for 8 years (and is now a police officer), however was unable to find the "pig" who insulted his wife, a shame. She left, leaving them with her son all alone, and 2 months later returned with divorce papers and the desire to take the boy. He must not let this happen, to be left without a son for nothing! The detective mentally vowed to myself that I will find that asshole and then the wife will forgive him, she will know that you can trust him and leaving the kid with him, and maybe she'll stay...

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Release date: 13/01/2019
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