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Original Title: Vikings
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: History
Creators: Michael Hirst
Language: English
Description: In the previous season of the series, a hero named Ragnar gathered a great army and went by sea to the West towards the capital of France. At that time, Paris has not submitted yet any conqueror who tried to capture the city, no matter how large his army. For Ragnar is no secret that he will have a fierce battle with countless hordes of defenders of the city. But he still tries to penetrate the wall of one of the most impregnable cities, nothing can stop him on the way to the intended goal.the Audience for as much as three seasons with a sinking heart watched the life and fate of the main character, a brave Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. In the new, fourth, season his complex and responsible path will continue, filled with joyful and sad events. The real existence of this Scandinavian hero is constantly debated. But it is through him that the audience can learn the history of the militant Northern people. It is impossible to underestimate the role of the Vikings in the formation and development of modern history and geography, thanks to them, many shipping routes have been mastered. Their conquests contributed to the acquaintance with many peoples who remained in the shadows for a long time. During season 3 and 4, Ragnar and his army make attempts to capture Paris. But the conclusion of the Treaty of tribute interrupts its success. Otherwise there would be now the French capital in the shape known to us, remains a riddle.

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