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Original Title: YOU
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Lifetime
Creators: Sera Gamble,Greg Berlanti
Language: English
Description: A film about youth, which is called You and I forever (2012) presented by Director Kaspar Munk. This is quite an interesting melodrama, which shows the attitude of adolescents to the world, friendship, sex and attitude to people. The plot of the melodrama is concentrated around the relationship between sixteen-year-old girls who are friends with Christina and louara since childhood. According to the scenario, they are always together, and it seems that nothing can interfere with their friendship. This continues until one day they meet at school with a pretty girl named Maria. This newfound familiar and becomes the stumbling block from which it all began. Maria, trying to separate girlfriends, tries to spend more time with Laura, having opened for her the secret world of sex, and also everything that goes beyond the permitted and decent.... So, cunning it not borrow! And what about Christine? How to continue to be with friendship, pure and sincere? One of the main characters of the film You and I forever (2012) can not answer this question. Christina is in complete disarray. She did not understand why it happened, because their friendship could only envy. Now Laura has a choice to give preference to open, liberated and ready for everything Mary, or to keep true friendship from childhood with Christina. This choice, which fell on fragile shoulders, proves quite difficult for Laura's. It's scary to think that a strong friendship can be exchanged for the first kiss, the first relationship and the first sex. But as the proverb says, a penny the price of such relations, and maybe just female friendship does not exist on earth. Film You and me forever on the example of two heroines will try to answer the question of whether there is female friendship.

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